PCB Layout & Schematic Capture

KAW Supply Chain Network

KAW has established a supply chain that includes in-house engineering capabilities and partner

companies to provide you with an optimum manufacturing environment and services ranging from

Product design, PCB Design, Fabrication, Assembly, to test Engineering in a fabless manufacturing


KAW’s Engineering Capabilities

Core Engineering CapabilitiesEDA Tools Supported
1. PCB Design
2. PCB Layout / Schematic Capture
3. Signal Integrity
4. EMI Design Rule Checking
1. Cadence Allegro, Concept/Orcad; Altium
2. Mentor/Pads, BS/RE, DA/DX Designer
3. Adiva and Valor Enterprise 3000
4. NEC EMIStream
PCB Design ExpertiseProject Managment Team
1. High Speed / High Density
2. RF, Analog, High Voltage
3. Micro BGA
4. Backplane
5. Rigid/Flex
1. Seasoned Management Team
2. Seasoned Experts
3. Design Quality Management
4. Dedicated Teams
PCB Industries ServedTechical Support
1. Telecommunication
2. Computer/Peripheral/Storage
3. ATE/Industrial/Instrumentation
4. Commercial
5. Military
1. On-Site Design Support
2. Technical Training
3. Concurrent Engineering
4. Total Solutions