EMC regulations around the world have become more rigorous due to rapid growth in electronic devices to market. To find electromagnetic interference (EMI) solutions, many Research and Development sites need to employ strategic methods of approach to conquer noise problems at the design stage. EMIStream will ensure confidence before prototype or production.
  • EMIStream is the solution that can srppress undesirable electromagnetic radiation or eletromagnetic interference (EMI) generated from printed circuit boards.

  • EMIStream substantially reduces the time and costs needed for revision after the prototype is developed and enables rapid time-to-market.

  • EMIStream uses printed circuit board design data and within seconds can automatically perform checks on items that cause EMI. EMIStream can find the cause of EMI at the design stage, and eliminate EMI problems before prototype production.

  • EMIStream can help reduce power and ground (GND) plane resonance and minimize printed circuit board EMI. The power-GND resonance analysis function creates a simulation model of the plane shapes and the capacitors between the power and GND planes. EMIStream graphs the frequency values on the horizontal axis and the maximum voltage values of a plane on the vertical axis.
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