ADIVA - PCB Design Verification Tools


It is far easier to resolve a design mistake before product release. Whether it is a connectivity issue, library issue, routing issue or manufacturability issue, we are all human and mistakes happen. Some are generated by the host CAD software, some are created by the designer or librarian, some are created through simple misunderstanding, some from poor procedures or even lack of training. The worst mistakes are created while making changes at the last minute - rushing to ship the design.

With ADIVA's DRC Checking tool, ADIVAdrc, you can find and resolve these types of issues along with corporate and manufacturing design rule violations during the design process - before your design data is released to fabrication.

  • Analyze your design for problems that impact Performance, Fabrication and Assembly
  • Create, Save and Control your own Design Rule Tables
  • Prepare and use Multiple Rule Sets in a Menu driven format
  • Verify what CAD systems should check
  • Validate what CAD systems do not check
  • Analyze and report Design Integrity problems
  • Verify Circuit performance
  • Apply Different Rule Sets for targeted areas on the board
  • Run specific checks by Net or Group of Nets
  • Full graphical Design Review & Reporting
  • Link Critical violations to CAD for easy correction
  • Captures Digital Images for Network Display and Sharing
ADIVAview is an intelligent, independent, easy to use PCB design and artwork review tool. A wealth of information is derived and displayed from combined Manufacturing and CAD design data. Highlight nets and net groups to display their routing or highlight componets for placement review. With two data sets, different design revisions can be compared, analyzed, with differences displayed for easy review.
    Design Review
  • Highlight net location
  • Flip board to view from backside
  • Component location highlight
  • Component pinout review
  • Detail view of all layers
  • Expedites design review
  • Combines Manufacturing and Design Data
  • Gerber, IPC-2581, and ODB++ supported
  • View artwork with Design Intelligence
  • Operates independent of CAD system
  • CAD license not required
  • View one Design over another
  • Comparison runs in seconds
  • Graphically shows differences
  • Easily highlight Design revisions/changes
  • Highlight selected nets
  • Select a group of nets
  • Calculates true net lengths
  • Review net topology
  • Debug prototype assemblies
  • Intuitive interface
  • Locate Functions quickly
  • Display full assembly
  • Net location highlight by layer color
  • Trace Signals thru multiple layers
  • Failed Component locator
  • Component test pin highlight
  • Critical Net(s) Display

ADIVA's easy-to-use tools are your answer to automating Design Verification and Review.
No script writing... No programming... No consultants... No dedicated support personnel


Developed by PCB Designers for PCB Designers
Low Cost of Ownership
Easy to install... Easy to Use... Easy to Maintain
Be up and running in hours - not days
Fully Integrated into your CAD System