Executive Summary

Founded in 1990 KAW USA was established to Provide Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design services.
For many years large and small companies alike were investing heavily on Electronic Design Automation
 Tools, Services, Resources and often Outsourcing to companies like KAW when the peak loads warranted.
However, with “State of the Art” tools and conditions of the industry today many large and
small companies have restructured their organizations. They have reduced their in house
capabilities and relied extensively on outsourcing the entire New Product Introduction (NPI) to newly
formed fabless environments called EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) companies with
Prototypes (small quantities) being built here in the USA and the production quantities being
built “Offshore” in countries like China, Mexico and India.
The results have proved beneficial as the products are getting to
market earlier and the related reduction in costs have been able to be passed onto the consumer.

KAW Company Timeline

Electronic Manufacturing Services Business Model